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Why do we have a survey?
Generally it’s because our Client’s have big plans for the space.

We take the survey details and use this as an accurate base to provide a whole suite of technical drawings and services to help deliver their plans.


Feasibility Drawings & Schematics

The first draft from the clients’ brief…

Visualise your future project(s) in drawn form. Discuss options with our team, make adjustments & move things around so they are just right and represent your vision.
These form the basis of all the technical drawings and future information.
Look at the finer details within the layout & design. Talk with one of our experienced project managers to get things just right before we take the drawings to the next ‘working’ stage.
Agree and sign-off the feasibility and then leave it to us to add in all the technical detail.


Working Information

From the agreed feasibility, we can take your vision through to full technical &detailed working drawings.

The drawing pack can contain multiple drawings including floor plans, elevations, joinery detailing, finishes, power & data, RCP’s, lighting, external proposals & planning and is ready for contractors to competitively price against & also follow throughout the construction phase.
These are crucial to successful project delivery of any nature and should be treated as the overall instruction manual on how the project comes together. They are also invaluable when referencing to an as-built survey and any potential snag issues which may arise.
The pack usually includes a detailed schedule of works which can be used as a valuable tool to be accurately priced against. Either budget costed by ourselves, costed by the principal contractor or a separate quantity surveyor.
We put these all together in one neat package ready for further use by ourselves if we are project managing or any 3rd party who may be engaged by the client team.


Value Engineering

It’s a process.
Taking an approved concept design & reviewing it from a cost perspective in its various stages to provide an updated design pack which is more cost effective to deliver on a national basis.
The idea is to not compromise on the look, feel or quality, just a fresh pair of eyes & experience.
The fundamental rules are simple for each element of the design.

  • What does it do?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Does it work in its current form?
  • How can the same be achieved in a different way? (Either design, materials and/or process.)

This works really well for retailers who have ambitious roll-out plans and/or require different levels of design & cost in different locations.
We have provided proven savings of up 26% from our first draft value engineering exercises & further savings as projects evolve.


Planning Drawings

From planning permissions, control of advertisements&listed buildings, through to alcohol &gambling licensing plans.

Shopping centre retail design process &landlords’approvals. Our drawings can be tailor made to suit each requirement & are compliant to statutory standards.
We are experts at planning applications offering drawing, submission & consultancy services along with working with nearly all the major shopping centres across the country in successfully gaining the retail design processes that shopping centres require retailers to complete. Commonly known as the RD1 to RD5 process.


Building Control

Our team understand the latest building regulations and will advise and draw according to the latest standards & legal requirements.

We are in touch & have solid working relationships with approved inspectors &local authorities who cover the entire country and understand the building control submission process.
We also have a true understanding of HTM’s and HBN’s when it comes to NHS projects, taking building control to the next level accounting for infection control and the increased standards our NHS projects require.

Ready to talk?

Got a project we can help you with, or just want some more information.

Technical, The Master Plan…

Our technical drawings packs are more than just a set of drawings, they are an instruction manual on how to create your space.
They are used for all the key elements of your project as the definitive, go-to, agreed plan of action.
They are generally required for –

  • Planning submissions
  • Building control
  • Principal designer review
  • Pre-construction plans
  • Construction phase plans
  • Landlord &centre approvals
  • Competitive tendering
  • JCT Contracts
  • QS involvement &cost control

And an invaluable reference point within the site set up. We always see the latest set of our drawings pinned to any wall of our projects, constantly being referenced by joiners, electricians, plumbers & on-site managers.

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ – Antione de Saint-Exupéry

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