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As we are born & bred surveyors, we are used to working with our client teams to create a suitable lead design rather than unveil a concept design that may not represent your vision.
It is a different approach which has worked well for us and our clients for decades.
Because of our national project delivery expertise & value engineering principals our designs are cost effective, deliverable and scalable.
This puts us in great position to take your vision forward & deliver it anywhere in the country and beyond. ‘From Design to Delivery’

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Queensway Health Centre in Hatfield

The client was keen to move away from the stereotypical ‘NHS white box’ and the use of colour here allowed us to maximise the usage of each clinical room. Giving each room a colour identity & providing a trolley store back of house for clinicians meant that rooms did not‘belong’ to disciplines.
Public spaces needed to be welcoming as well as resilient & easily cleanable. Digiclad murals & a digital ‘blue sky’ print to the ceiling tiles as well as bold colour choices to sanitary spaces meant the client’s ‘not a white box’ brief was met & then some…
All of this had to meet the additional clinical standards set out in the HTM and HBNs too, as well as being both cost effective & easy to maintain.
Staff spaces were not neglected either, the first floor was opened up from a series of compartmentalised offices to an agile working open space, with desks and equipment arranged in tiers based upon working hours of staff roles. There was also a need for some private spaces for 1 to 1 meeting or to make calls to patients of a confidential nature. These rooms were deliberately small & brightly coloured to avoid staff claiming them as an office – allowing efficient use of all the upstairs spaces.
This is a very long way from your average NHS clinic – it was a comprehensive approach where the aesthetic was used to influence & drive the efficient use of space as well as provide a much more pleasant environment for all.

Additionally, as this was a full refurbishment, the opportunity was taken to introduce sustainable solutions to minimise running costs. Ranging from replacing the 1960’s Crittal style windows with modern glazing & insulated panels, additional insulation as part of a new Bauder roofing system, a new efficient boiler & a large solar PV array on the roof space above.

A challenging project with some innovative & efficient solutions that resulted in a unique building to serve the Hatfield community.
We were very pleased to be recognised for our work at the Building Futures Awards, coming 2nd to Harry Potter World (which had a £100m budget) … I think we can live with that.

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