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We offer a plethora of different types of surveys, all for different reasons and purposes.

We have touched on the importance of an accurate survey from the outset but we feel it is so important we really should labour the point a little.
Unless the base information is correct, all other information in drawn & written form cannot be truly relied upon as being accurate.
Sometimes this is ok, maybe when it is a smaller project where any finer details and late changes can be managed during the construction phase. However, in most cases inaccuracy on either a sub-standard survey or an out-of-date historical survey can cause problems, cost time and therefore money just when you as the client do not need it. No one wants to go back to their financial directors asking for additional funding because the initial information was incorrect.

We see surveys as a cost effective way to start any project, eliminating the risk of error and providing the foundations to any successful project.


Measured & Drawn

Our surveyors have been working with measurements since before the metric system. Obviously, things have come along way since then and so has the technology used to provide the information. Accuracy is crucial, so we use the latest measuring equipment tailored to the types of measured surveys we are tasked to do. That being said, we do still bring out the tried and tested tape measure when we need to.Technology does not always think of the areas that our surveying brains might.
Point cloud surveys & GPS surveys all the way to Disto’s, wheels and tapes are all in our armoury to use when we need them.

Point Cloud & Laser Scan Surveys

Using the latest technology, we can accurately scan areas large and small to within milometers, in minutes allowing us to produce amazingly detailed scans which can be manipulated to suit whatever the purpose of the survey is. Be it external detailing, internal areas, land areas, plans, sections, elevations and so much more. 2D, 3D or BIM compliant we can help. If it can be seen, then it can be measured.

Geospatial, GPS & Topographical Surveys

A quick and accurate way of mapping & modelling the physical world.
Generally used in larger external areas our surveyors can quickly provide with incredible accuracy a GPS point plan of any areas required, picking up heights & points of interest as they go. Ideal for carparks, roads, airports, land and other open spaces picking up information such as kerbs, dips, heights & levels at the same time as photographing the areas measured.

Condition Surveys

Know what you are getting before you sign the lease. Use these to negotiate with your new landlord further for rent free & capital contributions along with a solid record at the start of your ‘Fix and Repair’ lease. A small investment at the start could save you so much in the future.

As-Built Surveys

Get an accurate drawing reflecting your completed project for future use or inclusion within your H&S file.

Asbestos Surveys

We can advise you on what type of asbestos survey you may require & even help coordinate with our recommended and trusted Asbestos Surveying Associates.

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Full Range of Measured & Drawn Services

As you can see, we offer a full range of measured & drawn services. We do this nationally for many well-known retailers, commercial enterprises & the NHS.
We can tailor our surveying services according to your needs, it may be a full plan measure and draw over multiple floors, with or without power & data. Maybe a reflected ceiling plan, internal and external elevations, sections and much more. Just let us know what you need and our competitive quotation will reflect your requirements.
Our surveyors will adapt their approach according to what is required and the type of survey needed by you.
Surveys really are the backbone of our business; we cannot recommend them enough. Get the right baseline information to start your project off in the correct way.

Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to help.

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