William Hill – Retail refurbishments, en masse – Nationally

William Hill has a very proactive approach to their large property portfolio and are leading the industry with their designs and ambitions. We have worked with them on over 400 (and counting) projects in rapid succession with multiple projects on at various stages at any one time.

We love this fast-paced work, without blowing our own trumpets too much, we are good at it. (We should be, we have been doing this since 1988)
Managing a large retail refurbishment programme with lots of different elements of work, at various stages, in various locations across the country takes a number of key factors and the right type of people…

  1. You must be organised, and when we say organised, we mean it. Once you feel you are organised enough, get even more organised.
  2. Understand the Client, their expectations, timescales & specifications down to the finest detail. Work with them to streamline the processes required & ensure tried and tested systems are in place and used.
  3. Have the correct team in place to handle the flow of work and information. Ensure they are experienced enough to manage the process and make sure they have the correct administrational support available when they need it. Get to know your supply chain, they are pivotal in mass delivery.
  4. Look at the big picture, but very importantly also concentrate on the detail at the same time.
  5. Get ahead of the curve, stay on top of the flow of projects and track every element. Share your tracker with the wider team so everyone has access to the latest information.
  6. Stay in touch. Client liaison is key. Regular updates are a vital, picking up the phone rather than waiting on an email response. Work together as a team for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. Get to know everyone.

Along with their portfolio investment works we also assist William Hill with their new locations.
Providing professional advice, surveys &technical drawings to assist with their planning & new location fitouts.

Having a true understanding of their branches, layouts, equipment, customer journey, company philosophy & standards is so important to getting it right. First time, every time.

  • Measured & drawn surveys
  • Condition reports
  • Design, feasibility &technical drawings
  • CDM compliance
  • Procurement
  • Specifications
  • Planning& programme management
  • Project delivery

We have done the lot with a smile on our faces and a skip in our steps.

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We’ve been working with the whole team at Ampersand since early 2021 delivering our ambitious large scale refurbishment plans, ensuring our retail portfolio remains market leading within our sector. High volume work with multiple projects at multiple stages in hand at any one time, along with ad-hoc projects for specialist properties.
I am pleased to say that Ampersand have kept up with the pace throughout and driven the process forward at every opportunity, helping us create solid systems to ensure retail delivery on an enviable scale. Well done Amp’s, let’s keep it up.

Steve BuckleyProject Manager