NHS – NELFT Mayflower Community Hospital – Billericay

We have a very long relationship with the NHS and NELFT specifically, with multiple projects delivered as diverse as full state of the art head office design, project management & delivery through to sectionalcentres to assist with their mental healthcare services.

We have been instrumental in delivering a full set of services to the NHS for many years.
Everything from –

  • Surveys, designs &designer duties
  • Working& technicalinformation
  • Specifications &schedules of works
  • Planning
  • Building control management
  • Principal designer role
  • Contractor administration
  • Cost control
  • Full project management & delivery

One project that stands out and we are very proud to have been part of at Ampersand is the full refurbishment of the Mayflower Community Hospital. This allowed our friends at NELFT to move out of their old facility and deliver the latest prosthetic services in a new facility to a very wide catchment area.
Offering everything from manufacturing & full servicing of prosthetic limbs to occupational health treatment and a full gymnasium. Clinical assessment rooms, mobility assessments, servicing and home loans along with multiple administrational & other clinical functions and patient facilities throughout the building.
This project was one year in the design & planning and one year in the delivery with a heavy manufacturing and M&E element to design and coordinate, along with a complicated planning strategy which helped with an early engagement of the local planning department who could see the benefits that this centre would bring to Essex, London, and the wider communities.

Known as a centre of excellence this superb facility is truly leading the way in prosthetic services delivery, and we were so pleased to have been involved.

This is very close to our hearts at Ampersand, we sponsor a young lad who uses this facility regularly. We can see the benefits & enrichment that this facility provides first hand.

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